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Volunteer Registration System

The objective

Takaoka International Exchange Association has started "Takaoka city International Exchange Volunteer Registration System" in order to contribute to facilitating the international exchange on a civil level by developing mutual understanding and friendship between foreigners who visit Takaoka, foreigners living here, and Takaoka citizens to address increasingly growing globalization.

Types of international exchange volunteers
1. Home-Stay Volunteer

Those who can accept home-stay foreigners or home-visit foreigners for an international exchange program implemented by Takaoka city, Takaoka International Exchange Association, or organizations associated with public-interest activities in Takaoka city.
* Home stay (Provision of home stay hospitality for a rather short period for foreigners)
* Home visit (Provision of home hospitality without accommodation for foreigners)

2. Interpretation/translation volunteer

Those who can provide interpretation/translation support for foreigners or the citizens for an international exchange program implemented by Takaoka city, Takaoka International Exchange Association, or organizations associated with public-interest activities in Takaoka city.

3. Japanese language volunteer

Those who can teach Japanese language, the history and culture of Takaoka City, and more to foreigners living in this city.

We accept all volunteers from the general public.
If you are interested in actively participating in international exchange volunteer work, please apply with Takaoka
International Exchange Association by completing the designated application form available at the office.

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Introducing Takaoka's English Guide Group (Takaoka EGG)

Takaoka EGG is a group of Takaoka residents who want to guide people around Takaoka City in English. The group was formed by some students on the English Language Guide Course run by Takaoka International Exchange Association in early 2009. The group meets once a month to practice both English language and guiding skills. While we are only volunteers, we really do want to show people the best parts of our city.

If you want to know Takaoka more, and be guided around the town in English, please contact us! We are a friendly group and we would be delighted to hear from you. If you have friends or relatives coming to visit, perhaps you will be busy with work and unable to show them round every day. So, why not arrange for one of our guides to show them round instead? We work entirely as volunteers, and ask only that you cover your own transport fees, entrance fees and other expenses.

If you want to arrange a tour, please contact us through the Takaoka International Exchange Centre (English spoken) by phone on 0766 27 1856 or email at

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Sister City Exchanges

Takaoka has sister city ties with three cities across the world. With these cities, Takaoka participates in delegations, cultural exchanges, and international events in the hopes of creating international awareness among the citizens of Takaoka and promoting friendship and goodwill abroad.

Mirandopolis (São Paulo State, Brazil)

Sister City since October 19, 1974

Located in the highlands of Brazil, about 600km west-northwest from São Paulo City, Mirandopolis is an agricultural city, abundant with dairy farms, and with a population of 26,000.
Mirandopolis, with many of its residents from Toyama Prefecture, is a city full of sunshine and greenery.

Fort Wayne (Indiana State, USA)

Sister City since April 8, 1977

A commercial city connected to the Great Lakes industrial belt, Fort Wayne has a population of 202,486 and is Indiana's second largest industrial city. With many churches, Fort Wayne is often called "the City of Churches." Fort Wayne has plenty of nature and culture, and its citizens enthusiastically participate in volunteer activities.

Jinzhou (Liaoning Province, People's Republic of China)

Friendship City since August 10, 1985

Located in the southwest of the province and with a population of 3,025,000, Jinzhou City serves as an important link for domestic and foreign travel. Abundant in natural resources, the city's oil and chemical industries are highly developed, and agriculturally, the city is famous for its peanuts.

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