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Welcome to our homepage "Erhu Circle"(Erhu Club)

Hello! We are member of "The ERHU(Chinese Violin) Circle",Toyama Prefecture,in Japan.
Sometimes we attend the concert in Takaoka-city,Toyama-prefecture,Hokuriku area and so on.
We are aiming for Happy & Fun circle.
Of course usually we practice for improvement in performance skill.
If you are interested in our Homepage,please send E-mail to
Thank you!!

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Pictures of The Concert at NIKAWA BUNKA HALL
Pictures of The Concert at international exchanges Festival
Pictures of The Concert at TAKAOKA City
Pictures of The Concert at Art Creation Center
Pictures of Cherry blossom at Pine River side
Pictures of The Concert at WingWing building
Pictures of Our Consert in NIKAWA BUNKA HALL 07/08/2004
Pictures of Cherry blossom at Pine River side 04/10/2005
Pictures of TOYAMA Art Park Festival 11/26/2005
Pictures of Lesson of Erhu /07/2016
Pictures of Chinese New Year Party 22/02/2017
Pictures of Weekend Concert In Toyama City 14/10/2017
Pictures of Play Classic In Toyama City 15/10/2017
Pictures of Performing Arts Festival 12/11/2017
Pictures of X'mas Party in Hanamizuki-Nursing Home 25/12/2017
Pictures of Yanaze-Nursing Home 01/12/2018

How to tie the rope

If you interest,please ask to

At Toyama Art Creation Center ( Japanese Only ) ( Access )

Arima Miki
Minakuchi Yukihiro
Aoki Maiko
Endo Hironobu
Senda Kimiko
Imaichi Tuyoshi Other member...about 10 or so